Pinetown Bushong's Mill Covered Bridge

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Pinetown Bushong's Mill Covered Bridge is a covered bridge that spans the Conestoga River in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. A county-owned and maintained bridge, its official designation is the Big Conestoga #6 Bridge[1]. The bridge is also known as Pinetown Covered Bridge, Nolte's Point Mill Bridge and Bushong's Mill Bridge.

The bridge has a single span, wooden, double Burr arch trusses design with the addition of steel hanger rods. The deck is made from oak planks.[1] It is painted red, the traditional color of Lancaster County covered bridges, on both the inside and outside. Both approaches to the bridge are painted in red with white trim.

The bridge's WGCB Number is 38-36-05. Added in 1980, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as structure number 80003527[2]. It is located at 40°6′19.2″N 76°14′53.4″W / 40.105333°N 76.248167°W / 40.105333; -76.248167 (40.10533, -76.24817).[3]



The bridge was built in 1867 by Elias McMellen at a cost of $4,500. In 1972 it was destroyed as a result of flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes. Due to a tremendous response of area residents who signed a petition for its reconstruction, it was among the first covered bridges to be restored after Agnes. In the spring of 1973 the bridge was rebuilt by the nearby Amish. To prevent damage due to future flooding, they raised the bridge to 17.5 feet (5.3 m) above the average water line.[4]

Local Ghost Story

According to local legend, a young Amish girl haunts this bridge. The story goes that one day the young girl was bouncing a ball on the bridge and the ball went over the side through the boards and the girl drowned in her effort to recover the ball. Apparently, her soul still haunts the site. Today if you park in the middle of the bridge at 2 a.m., and turn the car and the headlights off, you can hear the sound of the little girl's ball bouncing, coming towards you. If you wait long enough, she will bounce the ball on your hood, and you will be unable to restart your car.

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