Plaid Cymru

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Plaid Cymru (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈplaɪd ˈkəmrɨ] English: The Party of Wales; often referred to simply as Plaid) is a political party in Wales. It advocates the establishment of an independent Welsh state within the European Union.

Plaid Cymru was formed in 1925 and won its first seat in 1966. Plaid Cymru has 1 of 4 Welsh seats in the European Parliament, 3 of 40 Welsh seats in the UK Parliament, 14 of 60 seats in the National Assembly for Wales, where it is the junior partner in the coalition government with the Welsh Labour Party and 205 of 1,264 principal local authority councilors.[2] According to accounts filed with the Electoral Commission the party had an income and expenditure of £998,000 in 2008.[3]


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