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Coordinates: 51°29′13″N 0°04′47″E / 51.48699°N 0.07981°E / 51.48699; 0.07981

Plumstead is a district of south London, England, located in the London Borough of Greenwich.



10th and 11th century

Much of the early history of Plumstead can be found in Edward Hasted's extensive history of Kent.[2] In 960 King Edgar gave four plough lands, collectively called Plumstead, to a monastery - St Augustine's Abbey near Canterbury, Kent. These were subsequently taken from the monastery by Earl Godwin for his fourth son, Tostig.

King Edward the Confessor restored them again to the monastery on taking power, however Tostig saw the opportunity to take possession of them once again after Edward's death in 1066 when King Harold seized his brother's estates.

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