Politics of Martinique

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Martinique is both an overseas region and overseas department of France, with the same government institutions as areas on the French mainland. The administrative center of Martinique is located in Fort-de-France, and the Prefect of Martinique is Ange Mancini as of 2007.


General Council of Martinique

The General Council of Martinique is composed of 45 seats whose members are elected by popular vote to serve six-year terms. The President of the General Council is Claude Lise as of 22 March 1992 (1992 -03-22)

Regional Council of Martinique

The Regional Council is composed of 41 seats whose members are elected by popular vote to serve six-year terms. The President of the Regional Council is Alfred Marie-Jeanne as of March 1998.

Parliamentary representation

Martinique elects 2 seats to the French Senate; indirect elections were last held in September 2004. The Martinican Progressive Party won 1 senator and one other left-wing candidate was elected.

Martinique also elects 4 seats to the French National Assembly, the last elections were held in June 2007. The Union for a Popular Movement elected 1 deputy (Alfred Almont), the Socialist Party elected 1 (Louis-Joseph Manscour), the nationalist Martinican Independence Movement elected 1 (Alfred Marie-Jeanne), and the Martinican Progressive Party also elected 1(Serge Letchimy, mayor of Fort de France).

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