Pompeu Fabra University

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Pompeu Fabra University (Catalan: Universitat Pompeu Fabra) is a public university in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It is widely considered to be one of the best public universities in Spain and in Europe, and was ranked 1st in scientific productivity in Spain in 2009.[1] Founded in 1990, it is named after the Catalan grammarian Pompeu Fabra. Currently (2009-10), the University academic offer includes 19 undergraduate degrees, 37 official masters and 9 PhD programs as well as around 60 UPF masters.

The UPF structures this offer around three campuses and three areas of knowledge:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities (Ciutadella Campus);
  • Sciences and information technologies and communication (Communication Campus - Poblenou) and
  • Biomedical sciences (Mar Campus).

The University has seven faculties (Humanities, Health and Life Sciences, Economics, Political and Social Sciences, Communication, Law, Translation and Interpretation), one polytechnic school, eight departments (Economics and Business, Law, Political and Social Sciences, Humanities, Experimental Sciences and Health, Information Technologies and Communication, Communication, Translation, Language Sciences) and four university research institutes (University Institute of Culture, Jaume Vicens i Vives University Institute of History, University Institute for Applied Linguistics, Audiovisual University Institute). It also has four affiliated centers (International Trade Business School -ESCI-, Elisava School of Design, University School of Business Studies of the Maresme -EUM-), Mar University School of Nursing -EUIM-, two interuniversity postgraduate platforms (Barcelona Institute for International Studies -IBEI- and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics -Barcelona GSE-), as well as its own Continuing Education Institute (IDEC) complementing its range of educational facilities.


Teaching and EHEA

From the outset, Pompeu Fabra University has understood the new European Area as a big opportunity to restructure the education it offers. The University’s commitment to this model has gone beyond simply updating its syllabuses; it has placed the student at the very centre of its undergraduate, master’s and doctorate teaching model.

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