Pope Adrian III

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Pope Saint Adrian III (also known as Hadrian III) was Pope from May 17, 884 to September 885. He was born at Rome. He died in September 885, at San Cesario sul Panaro (Modena), on a journey to Worms, in modern Germany.

He died en route to a diet at Worms, Germany, after being summoned by the Frankish King Charles III, the Fat, to settle the succession to the empire and discuss the rising Saracen power. He was noted[who?] for having aided the Romans during a famine.

His cult was confirmed in 1891, and his feast day is July 8.

His death, and the subsequent removal of his body to, and its burial in the church of San Silvestro Nonantola Abbey near Modena is commemorated in the sculpted reliefs (c. 1122) framing the doorway of this church. His relics are found near the high altar here.

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