Pope Innocent V

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Pope Blessed Innocent V (c. 1225 – June 22, 1276), born Pierre de Tarentaise, was Pope from January 21 to June 22, 1276.

He was born around 1225 near Moûtiers in the Tarentaise region of the County of Savoy, then part of the Kingdom of Arles in the Holy Roman Empire, but now in southeastern France. In early life, he joined the Dominican Order, in which he acquired great fame as a preacher. He was the first member of that order to become pope. The only noteworthy feature of his brief and uneventful pontificate was the practical form assumed by his desire for reunion with the Eastern Church. He was proceeding to send legates to Michael VIII Palaeologus (1261–1282), the Eastern Roman Emperor, in connection with the recent decisions of the Second Council of Lyons, when he died at Rome. It is questionable whether anything would have come from this dialogue, largely because of the influence wielded on the pope by Charles of Anjou. By dictating the language used in Innocent's correspondence with Michael, Charles was able to insert terms and styles that would have seemed offensive to the emperor.

Pope Innocent V was the author of several works in philosophy, theology, and canon law, including commentaries on the Pauline epistles and on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, and is sometimes referred to as famosissimus doctor.

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