Pope Lucius II

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Pope Lucius II (died February 15, 1145), born Gherardo Caccianemici dal Orso, was pope from March 9, 1144, until his death Feb 15, 1145. His pontificate was notable for the unrest in Rome associated with the Commune of Rome, and its attempts to wrest control of the city from the papacy.


Early Life

Gherardo Caccianemici dal Orso, the son of Orso Caccianemici[1] was born in Bologna.[2] He was for many years a canon of the Basilica di San Frediano[3] before his elevation by Pope Honorius II (1124–30) to cardinal priest of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in 1124.[2] During his time there he renovated the basilica, attached a body of regular canons and improved its revenue stream.[1] After he was elevated as pope, he presented to the church a copy of the Gospels bound with plates of gold and adorned with jewels, as well as an altar-cover and two chased silver-gilt ampullae for use at Mass.[4] Honorius also appointed him the librarian of the Diocese of Rome[1] before appointing him papal legate in Germany in 1125.[2] While there, he helped support the candidacy of Emperor Lothair III[3] as well as appointing Saint Norbert of Xanten as the archbishop of Magdeburg.[2] In 1128, Gherardo was sent to Benevento to govern the city which had overthrown the previous rector.[5]

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