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Pope Saint Mark or Marcus was Pope from January 18, 336 to October 7, 336.

He is said to have been a Roman, but little is known of his early life. He was consecrated on January 18, 336, and died October 7 that same year.

According to the Liber Pontificalis, he was a Roman, and his father's name was Priscus. Some evidence suggests that the early lists of bishops and martyrs known as the Depositio episcoporum and Depositio martyrum were begun during his pontificate. Mark also issued a constitution confirming the power of the bishop of Ostia to consecrate newly elected popes. Mark is credited with the foundation of the basilica of San Marco in Rome and the Juxta Pallacinis basilica just outside the city.

Mark died of natural causes and was buried in the catacomb of Balbina, where he had built the cemetery church. His feast day is on October 7.


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