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In Greek mythology, Porphyrion was a giant, one of the sons of Uranus and Gaia. After the Olympian gods imprisoned the Titans in Tartarus, Porphyrion was one of twenty-four[1] anguipede giants who made war on Olympus.

During the Giant's revolt on Olympus, Porphyrion attempted to strangle Hera. An arrow from the bow of Eros inspired Porphyrion with lust for Hera, and he tore her robes and would have forced her, but an enraged Zeus shot him with a thunderbolt. The giant sprang back up from this attack, but Hercules mortally wounded him with an arrow."[2]

According to one source,[3][citation needed] when Hera set the Titans (variously the Gigantes) against Dionysus, Porphyrion was one of those. Hera promised him Hebe's hand in marriage if he would defeat the god.

See also

  • Greek mythology in popular culture
  • In Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus Book One:The Lost Hero Hera is captured by Gaea, and her energies are used to raise Porphyrion.


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