Poznań University of Technology

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Poznań University of Technology, PUT (Polish name: Politechnika Poznańska; note that in Polish Politechnika has a different meaning from English, hence the translation) is a university located in Poznań, Poland. Poznań University of Technology is known as one of the best technical universities in Poland. In 1995 it became the first Polish university to become a member of the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER), an organisation comprising the best technical universities in Europe. The university is also a member of the Socrates-Erasmus programme for exchange students from all over Europe, promoting advanced engineering and a European dimension. The university is home to many organisations and student circles, and the radio station Afera 98.6 MHz. The university has over a thousand lecturers and teachers and over 21,000 students.



There are nine faculties:


PUT was officially founded in 1955 and the first rector was Roman Kozak. But a state school had existed in Poznań since 1919, under name of the Higher State School of Machinery. After adding a second department in 1929, its name was changed to the Higher State School of Machinery and Electrotechnics. It was supposed to became the University of Technology in 1940, but its development was interrupted by World War II. In 1945 the school received the status of Higher Engineering School and in 1955 it became the University of Technology.


Students from computer science faculty started few times in CSIDC computer systems projecting world championships organised by IEEE Computer Society and ImagineCup (Microsoft). Four different teams in 2001—2006 managed by Dr of engineering eng. Jan Kniat were 3 times world champions and 2 times on the dais. Many graduates from Computer science and Management faculty work in Microsoft corporation in Redmond (Washington USA)

Other information

The current rector is Professor and Doctor in Engineering Adam Hamrol.

PUT is a member of CESAER Association and was the first Polish technical university to receive membership of that organisation. Jan Węglarz, Roman Słowiński, Jacek Błażewicz, Jerzy Brzeziński are the best-known staff of the Computer Science department.

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