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Prabuty [praˈbutɨ] (German: Riesenburg) is a town in Kwidzyn County within the Pomeranian Voivodeship of northern Poland. In the period between 1975 - 1998 Prabuty were part of the Elbląg Voivodeship.

Prabuty is an important rail junction on the Warszawa - Gdynia railway.



Early history

In 1236, the Teutonic Knights under Markgraf Heinrich III. von Meißen destroyed an Old Prussian fortress between the lakes Sorgensee[1] (jez. Dzierzgon) and Schloßsee (jez. Liwieniec). The place erected by the Knights there was first mentioned in 1250 as Riesenburg. In 1276, Pomesanian bishop Albrecht of Pomesania (1259 - 1286) founded a castle[2] above the lake. The village growing around the castle received Culm law (Polish: Prawo chełmińskie) city rights on 30 October 1330[3] from bishop Rudolf von Pomesanien (1322 - 1332). Even though the name Riesenburg derives from the area having being called "Reisen" or "Resia"[4] before the castle (Burg, zamek) had been built, the name was attributed to a giant (Riese in German, olbrzym in Polish), and the coat of arms, first recorded in 1405, thus depicts a giant and a castle. Following the Battle of Grunwald the town was burnt down by the army of King Władysław II Jagiełło of Poland.

In the Kingdom of Poland

In 1451 the town council joined the Prussian Confederation that was fighting against the Teutonic Order, but bishop Kaspar Linke expelled the councilors and confiscated their property. After the Battle of Konitz, in which Polish forces were defeated, the town sided with the Order again. After the Thirteen Years' War, according to the Second Peace of Thorn (1466), the town became part of Poland's province of Royal Prussia, it became the capital of Pomesania during the 16th century. In 1509 Eobanus Helius Hessus became secretary to Bishop Hiob von Dobeneck. A synod was held there in 1556. The town suffered during the 17th century Polish-Swedish wars

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