Practical Magic

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Practical Magic is a 1998 American fantasy film directed by Griffin Dunne and starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as witches who carry on a family legacy of witchcraft and tragedy. The film is based on a book of the same name by Alice Hoffman. The original music score was composed by Alan Silvestri.



The Craft has been passed down through generations to the Owens women. The story concerns sisters Frances (Stockard Channing) and Jet (Dianne Wiest), and their orphaned nieces Gillian (Nicole Kidman) and Sally (Sandra Bullock). The Owens family is cursed: if an Owens woman finds true love with a man, he will die tragically, as was the case with the father of Gillian and Sally, whose death also brought on their mother's death "from a broken heart." The girls move in with Frances and Jet and the townspeople treat the family as outsiders, for they fear the women are witches. Sally is the more gifted of the two. Gillian's talents are more in charm and persuasion. After witnessing their aunts cast a spell on a man for a woman who seems obsessed with having his love, Gillian remarks she can't wait to fall in love. Sally, seeing the woman's pain at not having the man love her, casts a true love spell to protect herself. She dreams up a series of odd traits for the man of her dreams, confident no real man could ever be like the man in her spell, preventing her from ever falling in love.

The sisters grow up, and Gillian runs away as she is impatient with small-town life. Packing her bags and leaving at night, they cast a binding oath to each other using blood from both of their hands and then mixing the blood by clasping hands. Sally becomes lonely without Gillian, who is constantly moving about and shuffling through men. While working in the garden, Sally hears a bell tolling and rushes into town. In town, a man named Michael (Mark Feuerstein) meets her in the street with a passionate kiss. A letter is penned to Gillian, revealing that three years have passed since that moment. Sally is happier than ever now married to Michael and has two daughters, Kylie (Evan Rachel Wood) and Antonia (Alexandra Artrip). It is hinted that Kylie is much like Gillian (even having red hair like her), saying she can't wait to fall in love just like Gillian did at her age. When Michael falls victim to the curse and dies, Sally and her daughters return to the Owens home to live with the aunts. Sally finds out the aunts cast a spell to give her a little push so she could fall in love, but never expected her to really and truly love him. Sally begs them to bring Michael back, but the aunts refuse, saying he'll come back as something else. Sally swears off magic because the magical curses have ruined her life, and she tells the aunts that her daughters will not do magic.

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