Premiers of South Australia

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Before the 1890s when there was no formal party system in South Australia, MPs tended to have historical liberal or conservative beliefs. The liberals dominated government from 1893 to 1905 with Labor support, with the conservatives mostly in opposition. Labor took government with the support of eight dissident liberals in 1905 when Labor gained more seats than the liberals. The rise of Labor would see non-Labor politics start to merge in to various party incarnations. The conservatives merged with the Liberal and Democratic Union (formed in 1906) to become the Liberal Union in 1910. Labor formed South Australia's first majority government after winning the 1910 state election, two weeks after federal Labor formed Australia's first majority government after winning the 1910 federal election. No "Country" or rural conservative parties emerged as serious long-term forces in South Australian state politics, often folding in to the non-Labor party.


Graphical timeline since 1892

In the following timeline, the legend includes the Liberal and Democratic Union and later the Liberal Union with the Liberal Federation. The grey area represents duration of Playmander electoral malapportionment.

List of Premiers of South Australia

The first six Governors of South Australia oversaw governance from proclamation in 1836 until responsible government was introduced in 1856.

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