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A Private is a soldier of the lowest military rank (equivalent to NATO Rank Grades OR-1 to OR-3 depending on the force served in). The term derives from the medieval term "private soldiers" (a term still used in the United Kingdom), denoting soldiers who were either hired, conscripted, or feudalized into service by a nobleman forming an army. The usage of "Private" dates from the 18th century, when the army of Napoleon Bonaparte first established the permanent rank of Soldat.

In modern military parlance, 'Private' is shortened to 'Pte' in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries and to 'Pvt.' in the United States.




The equivalent ranks to Privates within the North and South Korean armies are Il-byong and E-byong. The symbol for this rank is 1 line( | ) or 2 lines( || ). Private second class is known by 1 line, while Private first class is 2 lines.

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