Professor Frink

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Professor John Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr. is a recurring character in the American animated television series The Simpsons. He is voiced by Hank Azaria, and first appeared in the episode "Old Money" from 1991. Frink is Springfield's nerdy scientist and professor and is extremely intelligent, though somewhat mad and socially inept. Frink often tries to use his bizarre inventions to aid the town in its crises but they usually only make things worse. His manner of speech, including the impulsive shouting of nonsensical words, has become his trademark.

Frink was originally depicted as an evil scientist in "Old Money". When Azaria ad-libbed a voice for the character, he did an impression of Jerry Lewis's Julius Kelp character from The Nutty Professor. The staff liked the voice and therefore changed Frink to be more like Julius Kelp, both in appearance and personality — he became more nerdy, and went from evil to just mad. Lewis later guest starred on the show as Frink's father in the "Treehouse of Horror XIV" episode (2003).

The professor has received acclaim from critics, particularly for his bizarre inventions such as the hamburger earmuffs, and he has appeared on many reviewers' listings of their favorite supporting characters from The Simpsons. Frink has been featured in other media relating to the show, such as comics, video games, and a simulator ride at Universal Studios Florida. The character's popularity has led to him giving name to a computer programming language.


Role in The Simpsons

John Frink is generally depicted as Springfield's stereotypical nerdy, mad, and socially inept scientist, inventor, and mathematician.[1][2][3] He wears thick glasses, a white lab coat,[3][4] pink pants,[5] and has buckteeth.[6] Frink is a college professor at Springfield Heights Institute of Technology[7] and runs his own astronomical observatory.[8] He has an IQ of 197 — 199 before he sustained a concussion during the collapse of Springfield's brief intellectual junta — and is a member of the Springfield chapter of Mensa.[9][10] Frink is generally very polite and friendly, but has a trademark mannerism of using gibberish when excited,[3][11][12] such as "HOYVIN-GLAVIN!" and "FLAVIN" and impulsively shouting other words that have no relevance to the situation at hand,[13][14] and occasionally refers to the importance of remembering to "carry the one" in various mathematical calculations.[15][16] When he rambles he often speaks incoherently in run-on sentences without pauses.[13] Frink also has a tendency to over-complicate simple matters and/or invent scientific terminology while expressing various concepts, e.g. "Father and I got along like positrons and antineutrinos!"[17] or, "microcalafragilistics".

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