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Coordinates: 52°16′N 5°37′E / 52.267°N 5.617°E / 52.267; 5.617

Putten (About this sound pronunciation ) is a municipality and a town in Gelderland province in the middle of the Netherlands. In 2007 it had a population of 23,024[1].

Putten is surrounded by a great variety of landscapes. To the east of Putten lies the Veluwe, the biggest national park of the Netherlands. To the north, east and west, Putten is surrounded by farmlands, and further to the west the ring-lake around Flevoland can be found.


Population centres

Bijsteren, Diermen, Gerven, Halvinkhuizen, Hell, Hoef, Huinen, Koudhoorn, Krachtighuizen, Putten, Steenenkamer and Veenhuizerveld.

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