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Coordinates: 42°40′N 1°00′E / 42.667°N 1°E / 42.667; 1

The Pyrenees (also spelled Pyrenées, pronounced /ˈpɪərɨniːz/; Spanish: Pirineos or Pirineo; French: Pyrénées, IPA: [piʁene]; Catalan: Pirineus, IPA: [piɾiˈnɛw]; Occitan: Pirenèus; Aragonese: Perinés; Basque: Pirinioak or Auñamendiak) are a range of mountains in southwest Europe that form a natural border between France and Spain. They separate the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe, and extend for about 491 km (305 mi) from the Bay of Biscay (Cap Higuer) to the Mediterranean Sea (Cap de Creus).

For the most part, the main crest forms a massive divider between France and Spain, with the tiny country of Andorra sandwiched in between. Catalonia and Navarre have historically extended on both sides of the mountain range, with small northern portions in France and much larger southern parts in Spain.[1][2]


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