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Qt Development Frameworks (formerly known as Qt Software, Trolltech and as Quasar Technologies) is a computer software company from Oslo, Norway.



They provide software development platforms and frameworks, as well as expert consulting services. Their flagship product is Qt, a multi-platform C++ Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) framework which also includes packages such as data structures and a networking library. The popular free Unix desktop environment KDE uses Trolltech's Qt library. Trolltech also employs several KDE developers.

In 2001 Trolltech introduced Qtopia which is based on Qt. Qtopia is an application platform for Linux-based devices such as mobile phones, portable media players and home media. It is also used in many non-consumer products such as medical instruments and industrial devices. Qtopia Phone Edition was released in 2004, and their Greenphone smartphone is based on this platform.

The following products exist but commercial support and development has stopped[2][3]:


Trolltech was founded by Eirik Chambe-Eng and Haavard Nord on March 4, 1994. They started writing Qt in 1991, and since then Qt has steadily expanded and improved. Trolltech completed an initial public offering (IPO) on the Oslo Stock Exchange in July, 2006.

On January 28, 2008, Nokia announced that they had entered into an agreement that Nokia would make a public voluntary tender offer to acquire Trolltech.[4] The total cost for Nokia is approximately € 104 million.[5] Trolltech has since accepted this offer.[6]

On June 5, 2008 Nokia’s voluntary tender offer was approved for all the shares in Trolltech. And by 17 June 2008, Nokia had completed its acquisition of Trolltech. On September 30, 2008, Trolltech was renamed as Qt Software, and Qtopia has been renamed as Qt Extended. On 11 August 2009, the company's name was changed to Qt Development Frameworks.[7]

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