Queen Sonja of Norway

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Queen Sonja of Norway (née Sonja Haraldsen, born 4 July 1937 in Oslo) is the wife of King Harald V of Norway. [2]


Prior to marriage

Sonja was born in Oslo on 4 July 1937 as the daughter of wood merchant Karl August Haraldsen (1889-1959) and Dagny Ulrichsen (1898-1994). [2]

Queen Sonja grew up in the district of Vinderen in Oslo and completed her lower secondary schooling in 1954. She received a diploma in dressmaking and tailoring at the Oslo Vocational School, as well as a diploma from École Professionelle des Jeunes Filles in Lausanne, Switzerland. There, she studied accounting, fashion design, and social science. [2]

She returned to Norway for further studies and received an undergraduate degree (French, English and Art History) from the University of Oslo. [2]

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