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Quest Software (Quest Software, Inc.) (NASDAQQSFT) is a computer software manufacturer, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California and founded in 1987. Quest develops, sells, and supports network management, database management, Windows management, end-user service monitoring (Foglight products[2]), application management and virtualization management software products. Its products enable users to develop, deploy, and manage packaged and custom software applications, as well as associated software infrastructure components, such as databases, application servers, operating systems and hypervisors. The company also provides consulting, training, and support services. Quest sells its products and services through its direct sales organization as well as through a variety of partners and resellers worldwide. Quest's virtualization business is serviced primarily through its wholly owned subsidiaries Vizioncore and Provision Networks.

Quest's application management products focus in the ERP, Java EE and Microsoft .NET market spaces. Database management tools include support for MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, and Oracle. In the field of computer systems management, the Big Brother product[3] monitors and reports on activities across multiple nodes. In the Windows infrastructure management arena, products cater to Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Windows, System Center and directory service migration users.

In August, 2007 Quest Software acquired ScriptLogic, maintaining ScriptLogic as a wholly-owned subsidiary to allow continued development and support of its product line. In December, 2009 Quest Software acquired PacketTrap Networks, a provider of network management software.


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