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RPGnet is a role-playing game website. It includes sections on wargames, tabletop games and video games, as well as columns on gaming topics.[1]

RPGnet was founded in 1996 by Emma and Sandy Antunes, Shawn Althouse (etrigan) and Brian David Phillips, as a way to unify a number of transient game sites.[2] In 2001 it was purchased by Skotos Tech, but maintains creative and editorial autonomy. Currently it is being run by: Shannon Appelcline of Skotos (site oversight, columns editorial, programming); Allan Sugarbaker (editorial oversight, reviews editorial, operations); and a variety of forum moderators and administrators.


RPGnet services


The site's most popular feature is its message board.

The forums have grown over time. Tangency, the off-topic forum, has the most posts per day. There are also computer and board game forums, an "other media" forum that covers television, comic books, movies and books. The site also hosts small forums for photography, parenting, and other specific interests.

Like most large forums, RPGnet has developed numerous in-jokes, taglines, and recurring flame wars. Moderation was at one time very loose, but now follows fairly strict guidelines (see link below). Many game writers, artists, and designers post.

A wide range of tastes are present on the forums. Smaller "fringe" or indie role-playing game are particularly well-represented and the latest releases often generate a great deal of discussion. Threads on Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, GURPS and other popular systems are fairly common. Exalted is known for generating a particularly large number of discussion threads. According to several posters, threads about Palladium games tend to degenerate into flame wars.

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