RV Triton

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The Research Vessel Triton is a trimaran vessel owned by Gardline Marine Sciences Limited and a former prototype British warship demonstrator for the UK's Defence Evaluation and Research Agency. She was built as a technology demonstrator ship for the Royal Navy's Future Surface Combatant, and has been used to both prove the viability of the hull-form and as a trials platform for other QinetiQ innovations.[1]

The Triton name is a reference to the maritime god Triton who carried the three pronged spear, the trident, which relates to the vessel's three parallel hulls.[citation needed] The outriggers are thinner and much shorter than the dominant central hull.


Operational history

DERA and QinetiQ

The Triton was designed as a demonstrator to prove that the trimaran concept would work successfully in a large warship. Following her launch in 2000, the ship began an extensive series of trials in 2001, which covered general ship handling, performance, sea-keeping behaviour, but also more specific areas to its design that the Royal Navy had no experience of — for example, a series of docking manoeuvres were undertaken by the pilot boats of HMNB Portsmouth to determine the problems of docking a large trimaran, while the ship underwent underway replenishment alongside HMS Argyll and the tanker RFA Brambleleaf to ascertain the characteristics of a trimaran and a monohull replenishing at the same time.[citation needed] The Triton also undertook the first helicopter take off and landing on a trimaran.[2]

RV Triton was present at the International Festival of the Sea in 2001, but visitors were not permitted on board.[citation needed]

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