Racing de Ferrol

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Racing Club de Ferrol, S.A.D. is a Spanish football team based in Ferrol, in the autonomous community of Galicia near the port of A Coruña, in north-western Spain.

Founded in 1919, in currently plays in Tercera División, holding home games at Estadio de la Malata. Club colours are green shirts with white shorts, though during the early years of its existence green and white shirts with vertical stripes were used.



The history of football in Ferrol is associated to the shipbuilding yards, workshops, foundries and drydocks and the British technical advisors,[1][2][3] hired to work locally who used to play against existing teams. During the late 19th century and early 20th century there were different football teams organized in Ferrol, though only one of them has survived, and as a result of an amalgamation of some other previous teams.

Racing Ferrol Football Club traced its origins back to June 1919, first competing in national championships ten years later, and fluctuating in the following decades between the second - first presence in 1939–40 - and third divisions. In 1977–78, the Galicians won the inaugural edition of Segunda División B and promoted again, only to be immediately relegated back.

It would not until the year 2000 that the club would again reach the second level, going on to spend there five of the following six years. In 2006–07, the club gained promotion to the second division in the playoffs, with a 2–1 aggregate win against Alicante CF. In the following season, Racing finished fourth from the bottom and dropped back to the third division, and to the fourth only two years later.

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