Randolph County, Arkansas

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Randolph County is a county located in the U.S. state of Arkansas. As of 2000, the population was 18,195. The county seat is Pocahontas.[1] Randolph County is Arkansas's 32nd county, formed on October 29, 1835, and named for John Randolph, a U.S. senator from Virginia, who was influential in obtaining congressional approval of the Louisiana Purchase, of which Randolph County is a part.

Randolph County is currently an alcohol prohibition or dry county.

William Jasper Blackburn, a Reconstruction U.S. Representative from Louisiana, was born on the Fourche de Mau in Randolph County in 1820.

Former U.S. Representative Edwin R. Bethune of Arkansas is originally from Randolph County.



Pre-European Exploration

Prehistoric details of Native American life in Randolph County remain elusive. Archaeologists unearthed both Archaic and Mississippian materials in the Old Davidsonville State Park area. The Michigameans, an Algonquian-speaking people from the Illinois Confederation, settled in the late seventeenth century near modern-day Pocahontas. After the first European contact, the Cherokee, Delaware, Illinois, Osage, and Shawnee settled near the county.

European Exploration and Settlement

European explorers laid claim to vast areas encompassing Randolph County. Possession first shifted from the Spanish under Hernando de Soto (1541) to the French with Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet (1673). The Spanish retook it as per the Treaty of Paris of 1763 before transferring it back to the French in 1800.

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