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Ray Reyes (born March 13, 1970) is a Puerto Rican who was born in New York City and was raised in Levittown, Puerto Rico. His father, Rey Reyes, Sr., ran several successful business ventures. He became a member of Menudo in early 1983. Reyes came to substitute Xavier Serbia on the band, and joined the band right in the middle of Menudo's golden era. His younger brother, Raul Reyes, also participated as part of the chorus and was a strong candidate to replace his brother Ray.

Reyes amassed great popularity among Menudo fans, although he was known as the chubby one of the band. That nickname was started because, when he joined Menudo, Edgardo Diaz put him on a strict diet. That information was leaked out to all gossip magazines, who published the information immediately.

Ray's first album with Menudo was A Todo Rock, where he sang '"Si Tu No Estas,'" '"Chicle De Amor," and "Zumbador.". He continued through the time when Menudo had the number 1 hit Indianapolis and when Menudo started making it to the covers of Tiger Beat and other major teen magazines, and also when Menudo became famous in the Philippines and Japan.

Ray left only after 2 years in the group due to his sudden voice and height change. Years later he joined former Menudos Rene Farrait and Johnny Lozada in Proyecto M, once again substituting Serbia. Proyecto M went to enjoy great success in Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Ray is married and has a family. He joined some of his former Menudo bandmates as well as Farrait and Lozada in 1998 for a concert named El Reencuentro in San Juan. The concert did so well, they had to add two more San Juan dates that weekend and then went on a worldwide tour.[1]


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