Reggie Mantle

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Reginald "Reggie" Mantle III is a fictional character in the Archie Comics book. His full name is given as Reginald Mantle, but he is usually called by his nickname Reggie, and sometimes refers to himself as "Mantle, The Magnificent." The character was introduced in 1942. In the Spanish versions of the comic book, Reggie's name is Carlos.



Reggie, at one point, says he was born in Texas, claims to have some Native American ancestry, and comes from a fairly well-to-do family, although certainly nowhere near the level of Veronica Lodge's. His father, Ricky Mantle, owns a newspaper-publishing company with varying names, one of which is The Riverdale Gazette. Reggie seems to show journalistic aspirations himself, often working as the editor of the high school paper, Blue and Gold. He's quick to use the term "freedom of the press" to defend controversial or inflammatory articles. Little is known of his mother, though her name was eventually revealed to be Vicky.

Like many Archie characters, Reggie has a number of relatives who are created for one story only. One, his cousin May, is often mistaken for a pre-teen. After a makeover, she attracted attention at a school dance, but chose to dance with short Dilton. Another cousin, Regina, has Reggie's style of humor, but after a date with Jughead, appeared to enjoy herself. Reggie also has a number of relatives whom he often uses to get favors. In an Archie's Weird Mysteries episode titled Cinemadness, Reggie had a niece named Amy, but Reggie does not appear to have a brother or sister in the comics.

Interests and personality

Reggie is a naturally gifted and talented athlete who excels at football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. Sometimes, if his skills are not enough to secure victory, Reggie is known for using schemes such as bending or downright breaking rules, and he often shows little team spirit. Once in a while, Reggie tries to win competitions on a technicality by pulling out a rulebook.

The most common accessories associated with Reggie are the mirror and the comb. A lot of jokes in the comics are on how he loves himself more than any girl, earning him the nickname "Reggie 'I-Love-Me' Mantle". His vanity leads himself to believe that he is God's greatest gift to women. This may be why Veronica often likes Archie more than him. Somewhat of a fashion plate, Reggie also has the distinct trait of being the character who most frequently experiments with his hairstyle to match current trends - even more frequently than Betty and Veronica. These looks have lasted months (rather than been contained within a single story) and have included several incarnations of sideburns, slicked back, short, shaggy, and even a ponytail in the early '90s.

Reggie is also a bassist for The Archies and occasionally lead guitarist after Archie, and naturally thinks of himself as the most important and talented member of the group -- and has gone to great lengths to prove it, such as hiring groupies to scream his name during concerts. Although his instrument of choice is guitar (and bass), Reggie has also demonstrated skill in singing, acting, and piano-playing. In one storyline, a gossip columnist causes mayhem for The Archies when he prints a blind item article about an Archies member who secretly plays with a "rival group." The member is revealed to be Reggie, who apparently is a church pianist on Sunday.

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