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Reginald Bretnor (born Alfred Reginald Kahn; July 30, 1911, Vladivostok, Russia – July 22, 1992, Medford, Oregon[1]) was a science fiction author who flourished between the 1950s and 1980s. Most of his fiction was in short story form, and usually featured a whimsical story line or ironic plot twist. He also wrote on military theory and public affairs, and edited some of the earliest books to consider SF from a literary theory and criticism perspective. It has been alleged that he was an early associate of Anton Szandor LaVey in the days before the founding of the Church of Satan, and that Bretnor and other science fiction authors were members of LaVey's "Order of the Trapezoid" in the early 1950s.[2]



  • Maybe Just A Little One (short story, 1947)[3]
  • The Doorstep, first published in Astounding and later in The Year's Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy.[4]
  • The Man On Top'
  • Cat
  • Genius of the Species
  • The Past and Its Dead People
  • Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and All
  • The Proud Foot of the Conqueror
  • The Timeless Tales of Reginald Bretnor (posthumous collection of 15 short stories)

Papa Schimmelhorn series

  • The Gnurrs Come From the Voodvork Out (short story, 1950)
  • Little Anton (novelette, 1951)
  • Papa Schimmelhorn and the S.O.D.O.M. Serum (1973)
  • Count Von Schimmelhorn and the Time-Pony (novella, 1974)
  • The Ladies of Beetlegoose Nine (novella, 1976)
  • Papa Schimmelhorn's Yang (novelette, 1978)
  • The Schimmelhorn File: Memoirs of a Dirty Old Genius (collection, 1979)
  • Schimmelhorn's Gold (novel, 1986)
  • Nobelist Schimmelhorn (novelette, 1987)


  • The Future at War I: Thor's Hammer (1979, editor)
  • The Future at War II: The Spear of Mars (1980, editor)
  • The Future at War III: Orion's Sword (1980, editor)

Ferdinand Feghoot series

Under the pseudonym Grendel Briarton (an anagram of Reginald Bretnor), he published a series of over eighty science-fiction themed shaggy-dog vignettes featuring the time-traveling hero Ferdinand Feghoot. Known as "Feghoots", the stories involved Feghoot resolving a situation encountered while traveling through time and space (à la Doctor Who) with a bad pun. In one example, he explained his inability to pay his dues for a Sherlock Holmes fan society by turning out his empty pockets and declaring "share lack". In his adventures, Feghoot worked for the Society for the Aesthetic Re-Arrangement of History and traveled via a device that had no name but was typographically represented as the ")(". In 1980, "The Compleat Feghoot" collected all of Bretnor's Feghoots published up until that time and included a selection of winners and honorable mentions from a contest run by The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. The book is, as of 2006, out of print and very rare.

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