Revolver (album)

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Revolver is the seventh album by English rock group The Beatles, released on 5 August 1966. Many of the tracks on Revolver are marked by an electric guitar-rock sound, in contrast with their previous, folk rock inspired Rubber Soul. It reached number one on both the British chart and American chart and stayed at the top spot for seven weeks and six weeks, respectively.

Placed at number 3 in the Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, the album is often regarded as one of the greatest achievements in rock music history and one of The Beatles' greatest studio achievements.



Melodic diversity and innovation in the studio

"Eleanor Rigby"

"Eleanor Rigby" combines Paul McCartney's brand of lyrical imagery with a string octet (a conventional string quartet, doubled) arranged by George Martin under McCartney's direction. Both the lyrics and arrangement are a major departure from The Beatles' prior output.

Although Martin once pointed to Bernard Herrmann's score for Fahrenheit 451 as inspiration for the string arrangement, the film was not released until several months after the recording; Martin later claimed he was thinking of Herrmann's score for Psycho.[1] The compression and lack of reverberation given to the strings provides a stark, urgent sound that complements Martin's arrangement.

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