Richeza of Lotharingia

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Richeza of Lotharingia (also called Richenza and Rixa; b. ca. 995/1000 - d. Saalfeld, 21 March 1063), was a German noblewoman by birth member of the Ezzonen dynasty and by marriage Queen of Poland. Married to Mieszko II Lambert, King of Poland, commonly referred to as Mieszko II in Poland. After she returned to Germany following the deposition of her husband in 1031, she became later a nun and today is reverenced as Blessed Richeza of Lotharingia.

Through her three known children, she became in the direct ancestress of the eastern rulers of the Piast, Rurikid and Árpád dynasties. Four of her Árpád descendants were Saints: Elisabeth, Landgravine of Thuringia, Kinga, Duchess of Kraków and Princess Margaret of Hungary, Irene of Hungary, Saint of Eastern Orthodox Church, and one was Beatificated like her: Jolanta Helena, Duchess of Greater Poland.




She was the daughter of Ezzo (also called Ehrenfried), Count Palatine of Lotharingia by his wife Mathilde, daughter of Emperor Otto II. She was probably the eldest of the ten children born during the marriage of her parents.[1][2] Through her mother, Richeza was a niece of Emperor Otto III (who was instrumental to her betrothal), Adelheid I, Abbess of Quedlinburg and Sophia I, Abbess of Gandersheim.

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