Ro Laren

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For the titular episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, see "Ensign Ro".

Ro Laren is a recurring fictional character on Star Trek: The Next Generation, played by Michelle Forbes.

Michelle Forbes declined the opportunity to portray 'Ro Laren' in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The role was eventually filled by the character of Bajoran Major Kira Nerys. Ro Laren was also intended to be a main character in Star Trek: Voyager, as a former member of Chakotay's Maquis crew - when this didn't pan out, her character was replaced by the Human-Klingon hybrid B'Elanna Torres.



Laren appears in eight episodes of The Next Generation in seasons 5, 6, and 7:

Fictional character biography

According to her personnel file seen in the episode "Conundrum", Ro was born on January 17, 2340 on Bajor to Ro Talia and Gale, and attended Starfleet Academy from 2358 to 2362.[1]

As a Bajoran, her family name comes first. When she first joins the crew of the Enterprise-D, Picard addresses her as "Ensign Laren". She corrects him, saying that Laren is her given name and Ro is her family name. She is then referred to as "Ensign Ro."

Ro joins the crew as a troubled young Bajoran officer who had been court-martialled while serving on the USS Wellington, for disobeying orders on an away mission, resulting in eight deaths. She was imprisoned on Jaros II, but Picard is forced, by Admiral Kennelly, to give her a second chance and makes her one of his crew.

Once past her initial hostility, Ro forms friendships with several Enterprise crew members, including Ten Forward bar manager Guinan, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge and Commander William Riker. As a Bajoran, she has a great dislike for Cardassians, as she was forced to watch them torture her father to death when she was a child. In her first episode, entitled "Ensign Ro", she is given a full pardon in exchange for going on a secret mission to help stop dissident raids, in order to protect a treaty with Cardassia.

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