Road to Morocco

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Road to Morocco is a 1942 Academy Award nominated comedy film about two fast-talking guys tossed up on a desert shore and sold into slavery to a beautiful princess. It is the third of the "Road to..." film and stars Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Anthony Quinn, and Dona Drake.

The film was written by Frank Butler and Don Hartman and directed by David Butler for Paramount Pictures.

It received Academy Award nominations for Best Sound Recording and Best Writing, Original Screenplay. In 1996, Road to Morocco was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Middle East expert Dr. Jack Shaheen of Southern Illinois University cites Road To Morocco as "one of the most stereotypical films ever to come out of Hollywood." [1]

The film was topical as American troops landed in Morocco on 8 November 1942 during Operation Torch.



The film opens with a freighter at sea exploding and news announcements around the world. The cause of the explosion is a mystery, with all crew accounted for with the exception of two unidentified stowaways.

Jeff Peters (Bing Crosby) and Orville 'Turkey' Jackson (Bob Hope) are then seen floating at sea aboard a pile of wreckage. Apparently it was Jeff's idea to stow away on the boat, but it was Orville 'smoking in the powder room' that caused the explosion. As the two start off joking about eating one another to survive, they fortunately spot land in the distance.

As they sit on the beach, Orville reminds Jeff of his promise to Aunt Lucy, to always take care of him. Jeff reminds him that Aunt Lucy died before he could actually agree. They are comically interrupted by a convenient camel, and they hitch a ride to Morocco.

Once in the city, they are nearly run over by a bunch of Arabs shooting guns, led by the sheik Mullay Kasim (Anthony Quinn). Jeff and Orville learn the sheik is pursuing the princess for marriage. Orville is approached by a group of bearers carrying someone in a veiled box. A beautiful hand takes his and then leaves, with Orville in pure bliss. Later in a restaurant, Jeff and Orville eat heartily, while trying to figure out how to get past the knife-wielding owner without paying. A man takes Jeff aside and after a brief conversation hands over a great deal of money. Orville is happy to be able to pay for the meal, until he learns that Jeff 'sold' him. Orville is furious, especially since neither of them know why the man bought him. Jeff calms him down and tells Orville he'll buy him back, eventually; and two men throw a hood over Orville and carry him off.

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