Roller hockey

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Roller Hockey is a form of hockey played on a dry surface using skates with wheels. The term "Roller Hockey" is often used interchangeably to refer to two variant forms chiefly differentiated by the type of skate used. There is traditional "Roller Hockey," played with quad roller skates, and "Inline Hockey", played with inline skates. Combined, roller hockey is played in nearly 60 countries worldwide.


Similarities and Differences Between Roller Hockey (Quad) and Roller Hockey (Inline)

Roller Hockey played on Quad skates and Roller Hockey played on Inline skates have different rules and equipment, and they involve different types of skating but share the name Roller Hockey. Roller hockey (Quad) is played using traditional quad roller skates, affording greater maneuverability to the player - this results in games filled with fancy footwork, tight maneuvering, and is more similar to football or basketball. Roller Hockey (Inline) bears close resemblance to ice hockey and is played on Inline skates, and includes a lot of fast "racing back and forth" action. The Roller Hockey (Inline) Goalie uses a Glove, called a catcher, to catch the shot on goal, he also has a flat, usually square, mit which is used to deflect the shot this is called a blocker. The Roller hockey (Quad) Goalie uses a flat batting glove that provides rebound characteristics when blocking a shot on goal.

Roller hockey (Quad)

Roller Hockey (Quad) is a variation of roller hockey. Roller Hockey is the overarching name for a rollersport that has existed long before inline skates were invented. Roller Hockey has been played on quad skates, in sixty countries worldwide and so has many names worldwide. Sometimes the sport is called Quad Hockey, Hóquei em Patins (PT), Rolhockey (NL), International Style Ball hockey, Rink Hockey (FR), Hockey Su Pista (IT), Hoquei sobre Patins (CA), Hockey sobre Patines (ES), Rulleskøjtehockey (DA), Rullbandy (S), Rulluisuhoki (ET) and Hardball hockey (US), depending on which region of the world it is played. Roller hockey was a demonstration rollersport in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

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