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Rosenborg Ballklub (RBK) is a Norwegian football club from the city of Trondheim, currently playing in the Norwegian Premier League. With 22 league titles and nine Norwegian Cup (Norwegian Championship) titles, the club is the most successful in Norway and has dominated Norwegian football since the start of the 1990s. Rosenborg's domestic title streak of 13 consecutive wins is second in the world only to the 14-year streak of Skonto Riga of Latvia, their runs both ending in 2005.

Rosenborg were founded as Odd in 1917. Their home ground since 1947 is Lerkendal stadion, a modern all-seater stadium most recently upgraded from 2000 to 2002. Average attendance in the 2009 season was 17 652.



Early years (1917–59)

On 19 May 1917, twelve young men from Rosenborg in Trondheim founded Sportsklubben Odd. The name Odd was a tribute to Odd of Skien, the most successful team in Norway at the time. Odd spent their first few years playing against other local teams before attempting to join the regional series in 1920. As with most of the "buddy" clubs formed at the time, they were repeatedly denied access. Since many of these players also played for the bigger teams, the authorities feared a possible shortage of players if too many small clubs were let in. As the years went by, disillusioned players began leaving the club, and in 1923 the first team played only a single match.

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