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Rowrbrazzle is an Amateur Press Association magazine devoted to funny animal cartoon illustration.



Rowrbrazzle was founded in 1983 by Marc Schirmeister, who published the first issue in February 1984, and was editor for the first fourteen quarterly mailings.[1] Fred Patten was then editor from February 1989 through February 2005 when he retired due to poor health.[citation needed] Since then, the mailings have been produced by interim editors. As of issue 94, William Earl Haskell editor.[2]

The first Rowrbrazzle was distributed to the association membership in February 1984.[3]

Number 106 was distributed in July of 2010, in a continuing uninterrupted run of 26 years.


Fred Patten, onetime editor of Rowrbrazzle, had this view of Rowrbrazzle's significance:

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