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Roy Rosselló (born 1970) is a former member of Menudo.

Rosselló was a member of Menudo from mis 1983 to January 1986. He substituted Miguel Cancel and debuted in the album A Todo Rock. He was replaced by Sergio Blass in 1986. Rosselló did not contribute a lot of lead singing for Menudo. Most of the time, he sang backing. During his time, Menudo reached great popularity in Asia, more specifically in the Philippines and Japan. They had hits like Indianapolis and Like A Cannonball, which was featured on Cannonball Run 2.

He is currently living and touring in Brazil with other former members of Menudo in a Reunion tour. They are calling themselves "Menudo La Reunion". He is the former brother-in-law of Mara Croatto, who was once married to his brother Rey Rosselló. He is also the nephew of former Puerto Rican governor Pedro Rosselló.

Since 2006, Rosselló runs a Caribbean-themed bar in the city of Campinas, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

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