Rudy Perpich

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Minnesota United States

Minnesota United States

Rudolph George "Rudy" Perpich, Sr. (June 27, 1928 – September 21, 1995) was an American politician who served longer as governor of Minnesota than anyone else in the state's history. A member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, he served as the 34th and 36th Governor of Minnesota from December 29, 1976 to January 4, 1979, and from January 3, 1983, to January 7, 1991. He was also the state's only Roman Catholic governor and the only one to serve non-consecutive terms. Before entering politics, he was a dentist.


Early life and education

Rudolph George Prpić was born in Carson Lake, Minnesota, which is now part of Hibbing, Minnesota. His father, Anton Prpić, was a miner who had immigrated from Croatia to the Mesabi Iron Range of Minnesota, and his mother was an American of Croatian descent. Perpich did not learn to speak English until at least the first grade of elementary school. At 14, he began working for the Great Northern Railway.[1] In 1946, he graduated from Hibbing High School (where he was inaugurated as governor in 1983) and went on to serve in the United States Army for two years. After Army service, he attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from the Marquette University Dental School in 1954. He returned to Hibbing to practice dentistry.

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