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Coordinates: 51°34′33″N 0°26′00″W / 51.5758°N 0.4333°W / 51.5758; -0.4333

Ruislip (pronounced /ˈraɪslɪp/ RYE-slip) is an area in North-West London, England and it is part of the London Borough of Hillingdon.




Ruislip is recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book as Rislepe and is thought to mean 'leaping place on the river where rushes grow', referring to the River Pinn.[2] It is formed from the Old English 'rysc' and 'hlȳp'.

Local government

Ruislip formed an ancient parish of 6,585 acres (26.65 km2) in the Elthorne hundred of Middlesex.[1] Following the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834, the parish lost control of poor relief to Uxbridge Poor Law Union and it was grouped into the Uxbridge rural sanitary district in 1875.[3] In 1894 the sanitary district was replaced by Uxbridge Rural District and the parish vestry was replaced with a parish council. Due to increasing population, the parish split off from the rural district and formed the Ruislip-Northwood Urban District, with the parish council replaced by an urban district council.[3] The urban district was abolished in 1965 and was transferred to Greater London to form part of the London Borough of Hillingdon.[3]

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