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RuneQuest is a fantasy role-playing game first published in 1978 by Chaosium, created by Steve Perrin and based on the mythical world of Glorantha, devised by Greg Stafford. It was notable for its original gaming system, designed around a percentile die-based and skill-based rule and its adherence to an original fantasy world. Throughout its existence, the game has been molded by designers and players alike into a complex mythology which is often linked to the teachings of professor Joseph Campbell. There have been several incarnations of the game, and as of 2006 has produced a fourth version, by Mongoose Publishing under an Issaries, Inc. licence.[1] The more recent edition is also published by Mongoose Publishing and has been released under the title of RuneQuest II on January 2010.[2] All but the third version have been set entirely in the world of Glorantha, even if some Mongoose supplements allow the players to set the game in other fictional worlds (like the Young Kingdoms, Sláine, piracy etc.).

In Britain in the 1980s, RuneQuest was recognised by the gaming world as one of the 'Big Three' games with the largest market share, the others being Dungeons & Dragons and Traveller.



RuneQuest quickly established itself as the second most popular fantasy role-playing game, after Dungeons & Dragons.[3] The first and second editions are set in the mythical world of Glorantha, while the third edition in the mid 1980s is more generic and was much less successful.[3] RuneQuest is the original percentile die-based and skill-based rule set.

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