Rupert Murdoch

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Keith Rupert Murdoch, AC, KSG (pronounced /ˈruːpət ˈməːdɒk/; born 11 March 1931) is an Australian-born American media magnate and the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, or CEO of News Corporation.

Beginning with one newspaper in Adelaide, Murdoch acquired and started other publications in his native Australia before expanding News Corp. into the United Kingdom, United States and Asian media markets. Although it was in Australia in the late 1950s that he first dabbled in television, he later sold these assets, and News Corp.'s Australian current media interests (still mainly in print) are restricted by cross-media ownership rules. Murdoch's first permanent foray into TV was in the USA, where he created Fox Broadcasting Company in 1986. In the 2000s, he became a leading investor in satellite television, the film industry and the Internet, and purchased a leading American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal.


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