Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

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  • 43,000-tons (Standard-load)
  • 55,000-tons (Full-load)
  • 58,600-tons (Max-load)


  • Fixed Wing;
  • Rotary Wing;
    • 4 × Kamov Ka-27LD32 helicopters
    • 18 × Kamov Ka-27PLO helicopters
    • 2 × Kamov Ka-27S helicopters

Admiral Flota Sovetskovo Soyuza Kuznetsov (Russian: Адмирал флота Советского Союза Кузнецов) Fleet Admiral of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov, (originally named Riga, renamed Leonid Brezhnev then Tbilisi[2]) is an aircraft cruiser (heavy aircraft carrying cruiser (TAKR or TAVKR) in Russian classification) serving as the flagship of the Russian Navy. She was originally commissioned in the Soviet Navy, and was intended to be the lead ship of her class, but the only other ship of her class, Varyag, was never commissioned and was sold to the People's Republic of China by Ukraine under the condition she would never be refitted for combat.[3] Kuznetsov was named after the Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Nikolai Gerasimovich Kuznetsov.



While designated an aircraft carrier by the West, the design of the Admiral Kuznetsov' class implies a mission different from that of either the United States Navy’s carriers or those of the Royal Navy. The term used by her builders to describe the Russian ships is tyazholyy avianesushchiy kreyser (TAKR or TAVKR) - “heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser” - intended to support and defend strategic missile-carrying submarines, surface ships, and naval missile-carrying aircraft of the Russian Navy. The Montreux Convention, which deals with ships passing the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea does not prohibit the transit of any warships of the Black Sea states. Limitations are placed on warships of non-Black Sea states.

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