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The SIGNY awards were an annual series of awards that recognized the best performers, artists, photographers and riggers, writers and models in the field of bondage erotica.

The contest was annually held from 2000 to 2005, except in 2002, when the award was canceled halfway through the voting process. The 2001 awards were the result of more than 30,000 votes in each category.

The website that hosted the SIGNY Awards has been removed from services since August 2006. Thus, there was no voting session nor awarding for 2006, nor for 2007.

In 2008, the Bondage Awards were created, with many of the same categories as before along with some new ones, including Best Product and Best Toystore.

Unlike the SIGNY's, however, the new Bondage Awards didn't discriminate against many extreme bondage performers, companies and websites, which had previously been excluded from the SIGNY's even though they had received enough votes[citation needed]. Although there was some controversy in the final voting, for the first time, everyone was allowed to compete and have their votes count in the results.[citation needed]


Best Bondage Model

Best Bondage Rigger

  • 2000: Jim Weathers, runners up Jay Edwards, Jon Woods
  • 2001: Jim Weathers, runners up Jay Edwards, Lorelei (Kristine Imboch)
  • 2003: Jim Weathers, runners up Julie Simone, Jay Edwards
  • 2004: Julie Simone, runners up Gord, Jim Weathers
  • 2005: Gord, runners up Jim Weathers, Jay Edwards

Best Bondage Web Site

The award for the best site has been renamed over the years as Best Web Site (2000 - 2001), Best Paysite (2003 - 2004), Best Company (2005 - ).

The winners to date are:

  • 2000: Red's Realm, runners up: Shortfuse, Bedroom Bondage
  • 2001: Bedroom Bondage, runners up Harmony Concepts, Bondage Cafe
  • 2003: Bedroom Bondage, runners up Red's Realm, Inxesse
  • 2004: Bedroom Bondage, runners up Red's Realm, House of Gord
  • 2005: FM Concepts, runners up House of Gord, Harmony Concepts


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