Samuel Blommaert

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Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions

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New Netherlander
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Eight Men

Samuel Blommaert (Bloemaert, Blommaerts, Blommaart, Blomert, etc.) (Antwerp, 11 (or 21) August 1583, – Amsterdam, 23 December 1651,[1] ) was a Flemish/Dutch merchant and director of the Dutch West India Company from 1622 to 1629 and again from 1636 to 1642. In the latter period he was a paid commissioner of Sweden in the Netherlands and he played a dubious but key role in Pierre Minuit's expedition that led to the Swedish colonizing of New Sweden. In 1645 he was appointed for a third time as a manager of the WIC, being one of the main investors from the beginning.


Early life

Samuel was born in Antwerp, capital of the Antwerp province in Flanders, one of Belgium's three regions. He was the son of Margaretha Hoefnagel [2] and the wealthy merchant Lodewijk Blommaert (1537–1591),[3] who in 1581 was schepen of Antwerp and in 1583 captain at Fort Lillo on the eastern border of the Scheldt. Margaretha died when Samuel was young and his father moved the family to London, when Antwerp was occupied in 1585 by the Duke of Parma. He remarried but died in 1591. Samuel was apprenticed in Stade, The Hague, and Vienna. In 1602 he visited Benin.[4][5] In 1603, Samuel enlisted with the Dutch East India Company and traveled to the Dutch East Indies on a ship under admiral Steven van der Hagen. In the years 1605-1606 he stayed on Borneo. In 1607 he was send by the board to Sukkadana West Kalimantan to rescue Hans Roeff, who had died when Blommaert arrived. He returned to Bantam with 633 diamonds.[6] In 1609/1610 he again stayed on Sambas, Borneo. In September 1610 he left sooner than expected for Texel and arrived in June 1611. Pieter Both had to investigate the case.

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