San Salvador

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San Salvador City is the capital and largest city of the nation of El Salvador. It's whole name in Spanish is La Ciudad de Gran San Salvador ( The City of Grand/Great San Salvador "Holy Savior") in English. It lies upon a seismic valley which is why the Pipil and the Spaniards called the area "El Valle de las Hamacas" (The Valley of the Hammocks) due to its constant seismic activity. It is the third largest and populous city in Central America after Guatemala City and Managua and the third most populated metropolitan area. San Salvador is also the most modern and fast growing city in Central America. Home to one-half of El Salvador's wealth, the city's per capita GDP - PPP is approximately USD11,200, compared to a national average of USD5,260 (2002). The city has a long history, with origins dating back to the Spanish conquest of the Pipil tribes.[1] The name of the city San Salvador means "Holy Savior" in Spanish. Due to its territorial extension, its has the highest density population in the American continent, composed predominantly of Mestizos and Whites. The Salvadorians native born in San Salvador City are called Salvadorianmites.[2][3]


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