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The Savinja is a river in northeast Slovenia which flows mostly in the Upper and Lower Savinja valley (Slovene: Zgornja in Spodnja Savinjska dolina) and through the cities of Celje and Laško. The Savinja is the main river of the Savinja Alps (Sln. Savinjske Alpe). It flows into Sava River at the town of Zidani Most. It has often flooded, such as in the 1960s, 1990, and 1995. The Savinja has a length of 96 km.



The stream is created by Rinka Falls which flows along a regulated riverbed to the lower end of the Logar Valley, where it flows into with Jezera Creek, from which point it becomes the Savinja River. This spring has been proclaimed a natural heritage object, while Rinka Falls is one of the most beautiful and best known waterfalls in Slovenia. It is the highest waterfall of the 20 waterfalls in the Logar Valley and is visited throughout the year. In the winter time it is popular for the ice-climbers. The best view of the waterfall is from the peak of Kamnik Saddle (Sln. Kamniško sedlo).


The main tributaries of the Savinja are the Lučnica at Luče, the Ljubnica at Ljubno, the Dreta at Nazarje, the Paka at Šmartno ob Paki, and the Ložnica and Voglajna with the Hudinja at Celje.

Water quality

The quality of water is 1st class to Radmirje, then it falls to second class and after to third.

Hydronym and etymology

The name was adopted from the older French name Savigny and later the German name Sann was also adopted in some English sources. For example in 9th Edition of Encyclopædia Britannica from 1911.

Some other names include:

  • fluvius Sana (9th century)[1]
  • Souina (980)[1]
  • inter fluenta Souuuę et Sounę (1016)[1]
  • Seuna (1016)[1]
  • Souna (1025,1028)[1]
  • inter fluenta Souuuae et Sounae (1028)[1]
  • Sounital (1042)[1]

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