Scio Township, Michigan

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Scio Township is a civil township of Washtenaw County of the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2000 census, the township's population was 15,759. The township is situated west of Ann Arbor.



  • Delhi Mills is an unincorporated community in the northeast corner of the township on the Huron River.[3]
  • Dexter is a village in the northwest corner of the township, also on the Huron River. The Dexter post office with ZIP code 48130 also serves northwest Scio Township.[4]
  • Scio is the former site of an early community in the township on the Huron River about midway between Delhi Mills and Dexter [5] at the current location of the intersection of Zeeb Rd and Huron River Dr.
  • Sunward Cohousing was the first cohousing community to be established in Scio, followed by Great Oak Cohousing and Touchstone Cohousing
  • The city of Ann Arbor is to the southeast and has incorporated some land from the township. The Ann Arbor post office with ZIP code 48103 also serves much of southeastern Scio Township.[6]


Samuel W. Foster bought a mill site on the Hellmouth River at what is now Scio in 1835. The community was platted by Dr. Cyril Nichols from Vermont. A post office was established in 1835. The office was moved to Delhi Mills and renamed in February 1871, though the Scio office was re-established in September 1871. The post office took its name from the township; however, early township records were destroyed by fire, and it was uncertain why "Scio" was chosen. [7] There are at three origins suggested for the name. The first suggests it derives from the Greek island of Chios, and the second that was named after Scio, New York, although it was also named for Chios.[8] Thirdly by coincidence "scio" also means "I know" in Latin, so following the American Civil War some people assumed this was the origin of the name.

Documents regarding the naming of townships in the State of Michigan archives indicate that Scio Township and its northern neighbor Webster Township were named on the same date, unlike other townships in Washtenaw County. This date followed the establishment by the United States of America of diplomatic relations with the modern nation of Greece, following the Greek War of Independence (1821-1830). U.S. Senator Daniel Webster had introduced a resolution, recorded in the Congressional Record that is widely considered one of his better orations (printed in the Collected Works of Daniel Webster). He advocated that the USA be the first nation to diplomatically recognize Greece. Webster referred to the 1822 destruction of Scio, the then current French translation of Chios (Greek: Χίος, pronounced /ˈçio̞s/), derived from the Genoese dialect. In Webster's era, French was the language of international diplomacy. Eugène Delacroix's 1824 painting depicting "Scène des massacres de Scio" and numerous publications brought the Greek cause to the attention of Americans. Ypsilanti Township was named after the first leader of the secret organization that coordinated the beginning of the revolution, Alexander Ypsilanti (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Υψηλάντης). Senator Webster also referenced General Demetrius Ypsilanti. The Town of Ypsilanti was named after the victor of the final battle of the revolution, Alexander's brother Demetrius. The sister townships of Scio and Webster were named as a monument to the birth of the new Greek republic, the end of its citizen's subjection, and the first American senator to support their nation.

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