Season of the Inundation

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The Season of the Inundation (the MdC transliteration of the Egyptian term is Axt, and it is occasionally written as Akhet) [1] is the first season in the ancient Egyptian calendar and corresponds roughly with early September to early January.

The Ancient Egyptians marked the beginning of their year by the rising of the Nile. This event was vital to the people because the waters left behind fertile silt and moisture, which was the cause of the fertility of the Egyptian nation.

The Season of Inundation falls between early September and early January, and begins after the 5- or 6-day intercalary 13th month, known as Pi Kogi Enavot (the little month).


Lunar calendar

The Ancient Egyptians used this name in both their lunar and their civil calendars. The lunar calendar began with the heliacal rising of Sirius, which during the time of the ancient Egyptians occurred around September 20 (according to the Julian calendar — in Egypt the Sothic year happens to be of the same length as the Julian); the four months of their lunar calendar are roughly equivalent to the period from the rising of Sirius to the middle of November.

Civil calendar

The New Year's Day of the civil calendar, on the other hand, moved through the seasons over time, by about one day every four years. Therefore, the Season of Inundation does not continuously match any part of the modern calendar.


The Season of Inundation consists of four 30-day months. These months can be either referred to by number (months 1 through 4) or by names as follows:

The Season of Inundation is preceded by the Season of the Harvest and is followed by the Season of the Emergence[2].

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Season of the Inundation
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