Seven Days (TV series)

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Seven Days (also written as 7 Days)[1] is a science fiction television series based on the premise of time travel. It was produced by UPN from 1998 to 2001.

The television channel Sleuth started syndicating all of the episodes as of August 2, 2009.



Three seasons of Seven Days were produced. All three seasons have been shown in North America. In the UK, all three seasons have now been shown on Bravo and BBC2. All three seasons have also been shown in Australia, Bahrain, India, New Zealand, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Brazil and the show was quite popular in Italy where it was shown in Sunday prime time. All seasons had been shown in Spain, Israel and Slovakia, but in a very untimely schedule that prevented a wide audience.

The series was filmed in California, USA during season one, and British Columbia, Canada during seasons two and three.[citation needed]

None of the produced seasons have been released in VHS or DVD as yet.


The plot follows a secret branch of the United States' National Security Agency who have developed a time travelling device based upon alien technology found at Roswell. As the opening of the show says, the Chronosphere, or Backstep Sphere, sends one human being back in time seven days to avert disasters. The show's name refers to the fact that the Backstep Project can only backstep seven days because of limitations imposed by the fuel source and its reactor. As the fuel source is limited, there is a strict mandate that they only Backstep for events relating to "National Security". The backstep team and the equipment are stationed in a base called Never Never Land, which is in a secret location somewhere in the desert of Nevada.

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