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Shalmaneser I (Shulmanu-asharedu[1]; 1274 BC – 1245 BC or 1265 BC - 1235 BC) was a king of Assyria.

Son of Adad-nirari I, he succeeded his father as king in 1265 BC.

According to his annals, discovered at Assur, in his first year he conquered eight countries in the northwest and destroyed the fortress of Arinnu, the dust of which he brought to Assur. In his second year he defeated Shattuara, king of Hanilgalbat, and his Hittite and Ahlamu allies. He incorporated the remains of the Mittani kingdom as part of one of the Assyrian provinces. Shalmaneser I also claimed to have blinded 14,400 enemy prisoners in one eye. He was one of the first Assyrian kings who was known to deport his defeated enemies to various lands rather than simply slaughtering them all.

He conquered the whole country from Taidu to Irridu, from Mount Kashiar to Eluhat, and from the fortresses of Sudu and Harranu to Carchemish on the Euphrates. He built palaces at Assur and Nineveh, restored the "world-temple" at Assur, and founded the city of Nimrud. He was succeeded by his son Tukulti-Ninurta I.

Limmu Officials by Year

Annual limmu officials beginning with the year of accession of Šulmanu-ašared. The list is partly derived from Freydank[2] and McIntyre[3]. The exact order of the earliest limmus is conjectural but the ordering from Šerriya onwards is essentially fixed.

1265 Adad-šumu-lešir son of Sin-ašared
1264 Šulmanu-ašared (king)
1263 Mušabšiu-Šibitti
1262 Ber-šumu-iddina
1261 Abi-ili son Aššur-šumu-lešir
1260 Aššur-alik-pana
1259 Adad-Šamši son of Adad-šumu-lešir
1258 Kidin-Sin son Adad-teya
1257 Šerriya
1256 Aššur-kašid
1255 Aššur-mušabši son of Iddin-Mer
1254 Aššur-mušabši son of Anu-mušallim
1253 Qibi-Aššur son of Šamaš-aḫa-iddina
1252 Aššur-nadin-šume
1251 Mušallim-Aššur
1250 Qibi-Aššur son of Ṣilli-Marduk
1249 Ina-pi-Aššur-lišlim son of Babu-aḫa-iddina
1248 Ber-šumu-lešir son of Ete-pi-Tašmete
1247 Aššur-dammiq son of Abi-ili
1246 Ber-bel-lite
1245 Ištar-eriš son of Šulmanu-qarrad
1244 Lullayu son of Adad-šumu-iddina
1243 Aššur-ketti-ide son of Abi-ili
1242 Ekaltayu
1241 Aššur-daʼissunu son of Ululayu
1240 Riš-Adad
1239 Nabu-bela-uṣur
1238 Usat-Marduk
1237 Ellil-ašared
1236 Ittabši-den-Aššur
1235 Ubru



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