Shithead (card game)

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Shit head is a card game in which the aim is to lose all of one's cards.

The game, and variations of it, are popular in many countries, particularly amongst teenage and twentysomething travellers. The basic structure of the game generally remains similar, but there are often variations in the special roles that the rules assign to particular cards.



Shithead is a card game for two to six players in which players aim to avoid being the last player to get rid of his/her cards.

The loser is usually referred to as the shit head. He must deal the next game and may be subject to some minor forfeit of the group's choice, for example wearing a special hat (often with the word shithead on it) or fetching the next round of drinks from the fridge. The shit head may also suffer in-game penalties.

Commonly, everybody not losing this game is regarded as being one of the "winners", although this role may also be awarded to the first person ridding all of their cards.

To date many variations of the game exist. Most basic rules however seem to include the wild cards 2,7 and 10 and an ace as the highest card.


There are many variations of the rules, and there is no universally accepted set. (See the Values of Cards section, below)

Dealing the cards

From a standard, shuffled deck of 52 cards (jokers may also be included), each player is dealt a number of 'face down cards' in a row. (The number varies with player number and variation - often three per player, but sometimes more if there are fewer players.) They are not allowed to see or change these cards. On top of the 'face down cards', they are dealt the same number of 'face up cards'. A different number (usually three, but this also varies) is again dealt to each player (face down), and this becomes the player's 'hand'. Players are then allowed to switch the cards in their 'hand' with their 'face up cards' in an attempt to produce a strong set of 'face up cards' for later in the game. The dealer places the remaining cards face-down in the 'deck'. Players will lay their cards in turn in the 'pick up pile' or 'pile'.

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